Monday, September 13, 2010

Baby Washcloth Lollipops

A friend of mine recently had a baby shower so I decided to put together a baby basket!! P.S. I LURVE making BASKETS!! One of the gifts was a pack of washcloths......But you know me I couldn't just throw the pack of washcloths in the basket...Oh No...I decided for SURE they had a calling to be made into lollipops instead!!
These are super easy and a cute way to dress up a basket or use as shower decorations!!

All you need:
washcloths, any kind of craft stick, cellophane, tape & ribbon!

Fold the washcloth in half & then into thirds

Start at one end and roll it up really tight and secure it with tape

Next I folded and rolled a second washcloth around the first! Now add your stick to the back & secure it with tape. Put some cellophane over it and tie a ribbon around it and your done!!
*I decided to use the pre made lollipop bags from Micheals for time reasons & a PLUS is they already come with ribbon.....but if you already have a roll of basket cellophane you could definitely just use that and cut out your own squares!

Cute little sweet treats that are sure to make anyone happy:)


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