Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Run Your Heart Out

So I just wanted to share that this past Sunday my husband ran his first marathon the Gasparilla Marathon and actually lived to tell about it. A marathon for those of you who are not runners like myself is......26.2 miles (yes, you read that correctly) and he finished in about 5 1/2 hours!! He only decided to run this marathon about 3 weeks prior to the event. So there was no year long training like most of the runners.....my husband's idea of training was eating a WHOLE large pizza the night before the race. REALLY who does that?? But boy was I proud when he crossed that finish line......kinda made me want to start running so we could do them together!! But then as I watched the runners being hauled off by medics and those dry heaving as they crossed the finish line, it kindly slapped me back into reality!! WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT?? I DO NOT RUN......EVER......I DESPISE RUNNING!! But I will say that he's doing a pretty good job of trying to talk me into it. And I have to admit I would LURVE to have a runner's body, so maybe one day;)



  1. Goooo Josh! WOW I am muy impressed! And yeah I would love to love to run.. however I HATE it.. even without seeing the people dry heaving and all! lol! OH well.. atleast you can cheer him on!!

  2. Hey April! It's you twinie, the other April! :) That's so awesome of your husband. And with no real, long term training? That's almost unheard of. I'm no runner either, but I need to do something to get in shape. Round is NOT a shape! lol. I'm thinking of getting an eliptical for the bonus room. We shall see. btw, your blog looks great! LOVE the music!