Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Turn Lemons into Lemonade

Next time you go shopping PLEASE don't let the scratched up beyond repair.....marked WAY DOWN because no one wants them items SCARE you!!
EVERYTHING.....I repeat EVERYTHING can be fixed or used for something else!!
You can ALWAYS turn Lemons into Lemonade
Use your imagination as to how you could fix it or use it for something else & I promise you will SAVE a HUGE amount of $$$ in the process!!

Take my homemade chalkboard for instance.....I was on a misson to find a chalkboard for my dining room!! But there were some things that I wanted in this chalkboard.....1 it had to be BIG and 2 it had to have a chunky slightly formal frame!! I searched and searched with no luck!! And any that I found that I liked were anywhere from $50 to $100 bucks and that was NOT about to happen!!!

Until I found this at Kirklands:

Scratched up beyond belief......and on sale for ONLY $10!! (originally $40)

This picture is not really my style, but I had to look past that.....1 it was BIG and 2 I LOVED the frame....oh yeah and I can't forget the price!!

That's all you need to make Lemonade!!

I started out by......you guessed it spray painting the frame white! But it turned out a little to white & I wanted the detailed edging of the frame to stand out. So I used a glaze (acrylic paint with a little water) Painted the glaze on & wiped it off with a rag!! Once that was dry I painted right over the glass with my next favorite thing....Chalkboard Paint!! (make sure you use the paint that can be used on glass & use a couple of coats)

And this is what I ended up with, it's perfect for my Dining Room:

I'm in LOVE!!



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  1. That is a great looking frame and I would've bought it too. I often find gems like this at local flea markets and vintage shops all the time.

    Juliette Samuel