Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bathroom Redo, Light Nightmare

{the bathroom before}

We have been redoing our master bath and I have never been more excited to get the builders grade decor out. First we took down that huge frame less piece of mirror (if you have ever lived in an apartment you know what I'm talking about) that was over the sinks, painted the room, doors and trim. Then we replaced the mirror with super cute beveled mirrors I found at Home Depot for about $30 a piece and put hardware on the cabinets for about $20. Next we wanted to replace the light fixture. It's a 1990's chrome vanity light and it had to go!! As we took down the light much to our surprise there was a huge hole behind the light. The genius that built our house decided it would be a good idea to cut a hole in the Sheetrock the whole length of the light. REALLY!! Now you may be thinking....just put more Sheetrock up, patch the hole and you can have any light you want. RIGHT?? WRONG...if we put up new Sheetrock, we would then have to re texture the wall. Every room in our house has textured walls and it really becomes a problem when you patching holes (especially big ones). This was definitely becoming a much bigger project than I wanted to tackle. So I looked around on my favorite blogs for other options and a little inspiration. That's when I was on The Thrifty Decor Chick's blog and found my solution:
Hello Krylon spray paint;)
Yes, I could have bought a new vanity light in brushed nickel instead of spray painting the one I had. Would it have cost me a whopping $3.00??? NEGATIVE

What a scary double jointed brushed nickel hand looks like! EEK

The finished product....I don't think it turned out to bad. Don't get me wrong I would have loved another light and already had a few picked out. But all in all a much needed improvement for only a few dollars!!

{I Big Fluffy heart my new mirrors}

I also found this cute candle while I was at Walmart for only $2.00!! It was on sale because it is a fall pumpkin spice scent. But who cares I love it, and it smells wonderful. I would have bought more but it was the last one....So hurry go get yours while they still have them.

*Next up new faucets*


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  1. OK you and me together could redo entire houses!!! LOL! I love those mirrors too..and while I am at your house painting.. you can go to mine and redo our master bath with its HIDEOUSNESS! Ugh! -suz