Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Football Truffles

{picture courtesy of Bakerella}
I can't wait to make these for the Super Bowl Sunday & since my oven STILL doesn't work (hint hint hubby) these football truffles are perfect since they require no baking!! I absolutely LOVE Bakerella......Can I just say YUMMO!! My mouth waters every time I go on her website. She has some awesome ideas and recipes and I don't think I have ever been on her website without finding something I wanted to make. I'll take anything sweet (chocolate to be exact) to make me feel better on this gloomy, rainy, & cold day today!

Dear Chocolate,
You are my hero! You always know how to make me feel better.
Thanks for always being in my pantry:)

For Oreo Truffle recipe click below:
**update** I made these and they were amazing:)

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