Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Cute Little Dog Bag

So here are some pictures of the cute dog bag project I've been working on. It's not done yet so I will post more pictures when it's complete! As most of you can tell by now, I can't stand to have nothing to do. So when I'm bored things like this begin to happen. I actually started this because I felt bad that our frenchie didn't have a bag of his own (I'm sure he knows that we've neglected to buy him a bag and is suffering from 2nd child syndrome....which would explain why he's so bad). But before we ever got our frenchie Dunkin, before I married my husband and moved to Florida, it was just me and my first love my boston terrier, Rocco. Rocco was SPOILED he had everything, including a bag with his name embroidered on it! Don't judge he needed that bag, for all of his belongings. Since then Dunkin has been forced to share Rocco's bag when we go on trips! So now, he will have one of his own and will always be on his best behavior:)*wink wink A girl can dream right??

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