Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ribbon Organizer

If your like have tons of ribbon EVERYWHERE!! And clutter makes me CRAZY!! This project was started mainly because I could never find a thing I was looking for due to the fact that my office/craft room closet looks like Micheal's blew up in it!! (that's a whole different story that I can't get in to right's making my blood pressure rise just thinking about it)

My revelation started when I saw something similar and decided I had to give it a try........and I must say I think it turned out to be pretty darn SPECTACULAR!!

This is all you need:

  1. pre-made shelf
  2. cafe style curtain rods
  3. (2) hooks
  4. (2) chains-same length
  5. drill

All you need to do is drill (2) small holes in your shelf so you can easily screw in the hooks.

**make sure your hooks are not to far apart!!

Next hang the shelf up on the wall and hang the chain from the 2 hooks. Put one end of cafe curtain rod through the chain and load on you ribbon!!

And your done!!


Whole project cost around-$20.00;)



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